Fireplace Hearths

The Ideal Fireplace Accessories to Update your Fire Surrounds


Beautiful and functional at the same time, our fireplace hearths are fully fireproof areas placed around your existing fireplace to safeguard your property.

In addition to making recommendations about how to best complement your interiors and the style of your fireplace, our specialists can help you choose the most suitable types of materials to consider when selecting your hearth, dependent upon the type of fire you're using.

Whether you require a hard-wearing, fire-resistant constructional hearth, a long-lasting decorative hearth made from your favourite stone or tiles or the entire ensemble, we can supply and fit as much or as little as you require in the way of fireplace accessories.

Suitable for the entire spectrum of fireplaces from tradtional to contemporary and appropriate for gas or solid fuel fires, our fireplace hearths are bound to delight you. Should you require a hearth for decorative use only, we will be happy to offer this, as well.

Remember, the hearth comprises about half of your fireplace so it's a very important consideration when purchasing your fireplace! We can assist you with fireplace hearths that will last the test of time, be easy to maintain and offer you years of enjoyment.

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