Multi Fuel Stoves

Revolutionise the way you heat your home

So you want to utilise a traditional means of generating heat without the hassle, mess and inefficiency of traditional fires. You want something that has the ability to heat your whole house, rather than just a room, with a clean burn and low-maintenance design. Our inset multi fuel stoves could be just the solution youre looking for, whether you hope to achieve a traditional or contemporary style.

Multi fuel stoves enable you to save space and produce real flames where you might have otherwise fitted a fireplace. With incredible powerful heat output and fuel efficiency, multi fuel stoves are hard to top when youre searching for the best domestic heating solutions. On top of this, our stoves serve people in a wide variety of scenarios, from those who lack access to mains gas to those considering the merits of traditional fuels versus smokeless fuels. Our inset multi fuel stoves will be able to cope with your demands, whether you need a long-lasting central heating solution or you want to impress your friends and family with the timeless beauty of one of these stoves.


Particularly for those who like to be in control, you can closely control the heat output of multi fuel stoves, reducing the heat loss that typically occurs from woodburning stoves or open fires. Fitting snugly into any gaps or recesses in your walls, inset stoves wont reduce the usable space you have available and are a much safer option for homes with children and pets.

So stop by our showroom today to peruse our inset multi fuel stoves; with a quick and easy installation process, its never been easier to transform the way you heat your home!

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